Collab competition

2009-01-29 12:50:22 by SREvol

Here's a piece... A crazy as HELL piece. BUT, I'm not that skilled with basses and melodies tonight. This is what I made, and I am stumped as ALL HELL!!! I absolutely adore this piece of drum work, it's stunning and I would love it finished. YOU AS NEWGROUNDER'S need to D/L this mother and do what EVER you want! Then send me a link (in a review to this song, a PM, or a response on the blog page, or even in MP3 format sent to my hotmail [PM for my hotmail first]) so I can listen an love your awesome skills.

The best will get official title rights CKEY ft. *YOU* - REKA (you can even re-name it) and massive hugs, and 5's on all your songs forever LOL!!!

Help me finish this as I would love to use it for my house parties.

All people who enter will also get recognition on my blog and at my parties and if you're in Australia I could see if JJJ or RT-R could get you some air time =D

Thanks fellaz, may the games begin!

CKEY /208046

Collab competition


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2009-01-29 17:59:52

Hello hello, SREvol. Been checkin' out some of your tracks. I must say that some of those beats are pretty hawt. I still have yet to make some myself. I think I might take up on this challenge. Maybe. Not really sure if I can come up with a decent bass. Just wanted to drop and line. Keep it real, mate~


SREvol responds:

I'd love to hear that piece get finished hey, let me know!