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2 new songs created!!!!

2008-02-08 04:15:44 by SREvol


I haven't been creating much lately because i've been on holiday in asia, so i think that the composure of these two were a bit sloppy and rushed.

The 2 songs are more of a heavy / hardcore style of drum and bass, fast and hard, so if you don't like it don't zero it, but if you love it then 5 me XD

I'm submitting again!

2008-01-03 05:23:38 by SREvol

I haven't submitted in A LONG time, so check out my new work! Rate and review me, all reviews will be returned.


Reason 4 is a GO!

2007-10-22 16:22:39 by SREvol

Reason 4 is here, linked up to my yamaha, and all ready in a mere 6 hours I have spat out something. Unfortunately, Uni exams are also here. Please everyone, give me some feedback on how I can improve, preferably from cornandbeans haha, so when i get back from my summer holiday I can make, hopefully, what you all want to hear!


Reason 4

2007-10-14 05:04:46 by SREvol

I'm upgrading to Reason 4 pretty soon, probably a few weeks. However, I'm starting exam mode for uni also, so I might not post anymore songs for a while. Hostel might be it for a while, lol it's only my 2nd and I talk as if it's my 2nd hundred! Tips welcome, I'm always trying to boost my skills on Reason! Thanks guys.


2007-10-13 13:26:07 by SREvol

So, I'm a newbie. I've been creatign music for a short period of time, but with Uni and a demanding GF, hopefully I'll find the time to whiz you with DNB, Industrial and Modern Hip-Hop sounds. I have a few tracks which will be uploaded in the coming tracks but aside from my medicine degree, I am starting a project that I am hoping will turn out well. Sampling sounds from the chem lab! Be gentle with me NG.