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SREvol's News

Posted by SREvol - December 24th, 2009

2010 is on it's way

Posted by SREvol - August 24th, 2009

House Saved My Life 4 (Dub mash up) - click here to download

A short demo mash up featuring Skream, Benga, Babylon System, Noah D, Black Ganion, Mala, Caspa and more mixed by the fabulous CKEYprim.

This is also a preview of House Saved My Life 4 and yes dubstep isn't really house but I'm going to say it's houses weird uncle with those zany sweaters that you feel obliged to call family.

Oh yeah... My new bike :)

House Saved My Life 4 (DUB mash up)

Posted by SREvol - July 15th, 2009

CKEY Sessions download

click the link and download my hour long live mix featured on late night house radio. stay tuned for more exciting shows

CKEY Sessions

Posted by SREvol - May 1st, 2009

Got porn spam sent to me by a dating site, jesus they even newgrounds now! When will it stop!

LOL (18+)

Posted by SREvol - April 23rd, 2009

Erm - tech / minimal house? Haha can't classify them both at the same time

House in the Grass

Name change to "CKEY Primrose" to establish a link between me and PRIM (The Prim Sessions / Elementz of Noize)



Posted by SREvol - March 28th, 2009

New song fell out of me this morning. It has elements that cross with trance, drum and bass, techno, dub step haha it's a mix bag for sure. It's called Viral Breakout. Have a listen to it and give me some 5's XD

Much love,

I gave birth to a new song

Posted by SREvol - January 29th, 2009

Here's a piece... A crazy as HELL piece. BUT, I'm not that skilled with basses and melodies tonight. This is what I made, and I am stumped as ALL HELL!!! I absolutely adore this piece of drum work, it's stunning and I would love it finished. YOU AS NEWGROUNDER'S need to D/L this mother and do what EVER you want! Then send me a link (in a review to this song, a PM, or a response on the blog page, or even in MP3 format sent to my hotmail [PM for my hotmail first]) so I can listen an love your awesome skills.

The best will get official title rights CKEY ft. *YOU* - REKA (you can even re-name it) and massive hugs, and 5's on all your songs forever LOL!!!

Help me finish this as I would love to use it for my house parties.

All people who enter will also get recognition on my blog and at my parties and if you're in Australia I could see if JJJ or RT-R could get you some air time =D

Thanks fellaz, may the games begin!


http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /208046

Collab competition

Posted by SREvol - September 18th, 2008

Some douche bag "remixed" my Monks song and posted it on youtube as his own, giving me no reference whatsoever and this "remix" would have been a 5 - 10 minute job with no difference on the drums or bass line, only some sappy "robotic" words at the start.

Death the thieving scum bags!

Crap people

Posted by SREvol - September 7th, 2008

MASSIVE new dnb song. Unfortunately because it's NG and I'm looking for this track to be plated it's only a less vesion. The real version has synth and bells on it and is about 2 minutes longer with a 2nd drop and break. The song will only be up for a few months probably if it gets plated so jump on it fellaz.

Entitled "The Monks of Cherub Liang"




Posted by SREvol - August 17th, 2008

It's dark as hell dnb, real moody

you fellaz have GOT TO listen!!! It's basically dark atmospheric dnbbbbbbbbb

review me and give me 5's!!!!